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Why Rhino 2.0
Let the Rhino Revolution redefine your RZR XP 900. Rhino 2.0 Axles are bigger, stronger, and built by expert riders that know the value of an axle that doesn’t quit. SuperATV’s Rhino 2.0 Axles combine maximized shafts and CVs with heavy-duty 4340 steel that’s heat treated for superior strength and longevity. The result is a heavy-duty axle that can handle 40°+ axle angles without binding or overheating and can handle massive torque without breaking. Let your RZR be the work horse and the trail monster it’s built to be with Rhino 2.0 Axles.

Rhino 2.0: Factory Engineered and Tested
We have over a decade of experience making axles, and with Rhino 2.0, we’ve taken it to another level. Our blood, sweat, and tears are in this axle and we’ve spent millions building up our R&D lab to make sure they’re up to our high standards. The results speak for themselves: From 80+ mph desert racing, to high-angle and monster tire mud rides, to ultimate rock crawling smack downs, Rhino 2.0 is built for the extreme.

The Rhino 2.0 Formula
What does it take to redefine the heavy-duty axle? It’s all size, materials, and heat treatment. The first one’s a no brainer: bigger is better. That’s why our axle shaft is 4 mm bigger than stock and our CV joints are built with a massive 61mm 4340 chromoly cage and spider—it’s as big as we could fit on a stock machine! Next comes materials: 4340 chromoly steel CVs and shafts, and TPEE boots. It doesn’t get any stronger than that. The final touch is the perfect heat treatment. Our chromoly CVs and shafts are perfectly hardened for maximum strength and flexibility. All that gives you and indestructible axle that can handle the 40°+ angles of your 6” lift.

What that really means is that you don’t have to be light on your RZR 900’s throttle—whether you’re bogging through mud or tearing up hillsides, Rhino 2.0 was made for it.

The Rhino 2.0 Difference and 18-month warranty
Every test we do, whether it’s yield strength, longevity, or heat buildup, shows that Rhino 2.0 is the strongest axle you can get for the big lift on your RZR 900. Rhino 2.0 delivers strength as good or better than other super-duty axles that cost $550-$900 but at a fraction of the price. SuperATV is so confident in the performance of Rhino 2.0 that we’re breaking all the rules by offering this axle with an 18-month warranty! And as always, each axle ships free of charge.


  • 100% stronger than stock
  • Utilizes the Rhino 2.0 Formula
    • Size: A massive 4mm increase in size!
    • Materials
    • Heat Treatment
  • Constructed of 4340 chromoly steel and finished with a proprietary heat treatment
  • Industry leading 18-month warranty
  • Field and lab tested for extreme strength and endurance
  • CAD drawn for expert precision


  • Polaris RZR XP 900 : 2011-2014
  • Polaris RZR XP 4 900 : 2012-2014

NOTE: Not compatible with Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)